Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Work From Home with NO Hidden Fees and NO Gimmicks!!!

Are you one of a million who is looking for an at home job? Well if you are I have some important information for you about work at home jobs.

DO NOT EVER pay for training manuals! They should ALWAYS be free! Data Entry and other related positions work by using e-mail. You are usually hired through the e-mail so, your manuals should be attached and sent by e-mail too. If you are going to be working by e-mail then you should be able to get your manuals and directions the same way. There should NEVER be any out of the pocket cost for you either.

On a daily basis people are looking for work at home jobs and the first question that is asked by a lot of people is: "Can I really make money on the Internet?" The fact of the matter is that you really can make money on the Internet. You simply must take steps to make it happen. The secret behind creating a successful internet income is a sincere desire to succeed, the attitude for success, and pure determination. Most people fail just at the moment they are about to succeed.

With the right people and hard work you will be on your way to make a really easy income from home. Data Entry/Home Typists are needed worldwide. This is a legitimate work at home opportunity. Earn $300 to $600 per week from home typing and doing data entry. Complete Training, it's so easy to start! You can apply today by e-mailing me at with your full name, address, e-mail, and telephone numbers.

Work at home as an Independent Contractor and earn legit funds on a daily basis. Our home-based job is a great opportunity for stay at home moms, dads, or anyone who wants to work in the comfort of their own homes. You will be processing applications and orders from your computer according to the instructions given to you in your training manual. There is NO CALLING strangers or stuffing envelopes, NO SURVEYS or anything like that just a legit way to make money from home.

With our home-based job you can earn from US $300 to $600 per week. (This amount can exceed $600 based on your work ethic.) I am seeking only honest, self-motivated people US only with the desire to work from home.
My job requirements are:
  1. a reliable computer with internet access
  2. a vaild e-mail account
  3. basic internet knowledge
  4. minimal typing skills
  5. must reside in the US
  6. you must be able to conduct yourself in a professional manor which includes excellent grammar and spelling when communicating with clients via e-mail.

All contact is via e-mail, so you will not be required to call anyone at any time. This allows you to work any hours that are convenient for you (days, nights, weekends,ect.) Once you been hired, you are considered as an Independent Contractor. This means your taxes will not be taken out; therefore, you will not be provided with any tax forms. THIS IS ENTIRELY YOUR RESPONSBILITY!!!

Once you complete an assignment your money will be credited the same day to your Revolutionary account. Please click the link below if you already don't have a revolutionary account. Like Pay Pal, revolutionary will credit your money to your bank at NO CHARGE. Then you will send us your revolutionary account e-mail address. I will then send you the data entry job to start the same day.

REMEMBER THERE IS NO FEE ASSOCIATED with this job opporunity and NO FEE for the training manual. Please send your revolutionary account address to

These are the steps for applying: STEP 1.) sign up for a revolutionary account here click on this button
Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange (FREE)

STEP 2.) e-mail your revolutionary e-mail account to me at

STEP 3.) receive your training material for the online job. (Material is free)

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